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Great Reads

Great Reads

[I haven’t written in several years, but these articles and interviews are still interesting and relevant. Sadly, with Covid, we’ve lost quite a few events, but the movement lives on with passion and inspiration.]

A Burning Man Hyperlapse Video Tour

Jacob Avanzato is one of the great festival photographers of our time. This video hyperlapse of Burning Man 2017, will give you the feeling of beings there and take you on a tour of wonder and delight.

A Profound Oregon Eclipse Experience

photo by Juliana Bernstein (Get Tiny) The ceremony at Oregon Eclipse 2017 was beyond anything I’ve experienced. Yes, it was Epic, and I use that word often, but here I use it in the full meaning of the word….. Symbiosis Gathering had built a gorgeous Sun Temple at [...]

The First Global Reunion

Photo by Da Karai Why I Believe Oregon Eclipse (Fest) To Be Pivotal & Historic I’m not a scientist, but this is my understanding of Imaginal Cells. The caterpillar in the cocoon doesn’t grow wings and come out flying. Rather, it dissolves into a high potency goo….then, science says, mysterious [...]

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