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Great Reads

Great Reads

The Great North Fest in Maine

If you're on the East Coast, the Great North: Music and Arts Festival​ is coming up soon >>> Labor Day weekend in Maine. These great folks throw a beautiful gathering, one you are bound to enjoy immensely. These good friends are pioneers in the far corner of USA, bringing good [...]

10 Reasons You Should Skip Burning Man

This is a terrific read by Girls On The Grid, I hope you enjoy it! Sadly they didn’t include photo credits. Published on August 24, 2015 at By Leia Ostermann Burning Man is a week-long, counterculture city, built in the desert, thriving on a culture of possibility and supported by [...]

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Festival Camping Land Grab

A good friend and collaborator, the great writer Graham Berry, crafted this article of festing tips for you. There are some really great notes in here, secrets that usually take a long time to figure out…. I thought you’d enjoy having them in hand. He wrote it for Fest300, and [...]

Reinhabiting The Village is Here!

“ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future” is a 350 page graphically rich, full color, soft cover book showcasing the work of 12 Visionary Artists and over 65 Contributing Authors featuring “Voices from the Village” sharing their experience, best practices, strategies and resources to empower communities through practical wisdom and inspiring [...]

The World Festival of Body Painting

Wow! You are going to love this gallery!....I just knew you'd want to see these pics so I grabbed them for you....this event was just last week - July 2015 in Austria. What a show! Hope it inspires your own adventure with paint and brush! Check out our World Body [...]

Keeping Our Villages Beautiful

Lightning In A Bottle 2014 by Guru So much effort goes into making beautiful villages for us to gather in….we all enjoy the wonders of eye candy in every direction. Months spent building stunning stages, climbable art installations, gorgeous costumes, not to mention the intention and love that [...]

More Than Just a Party, These Events Can Help Heal Your Life

This awesome article is packed with great insights from a writer who is new to Festival Fire, but whose work you’ll be seeing a lot more of. ~ Saphir   (photo by Kris Kish) by Dr. Kelly Neff It’s my favorite time of year again… Transformational festival season! I got a [...]

Finding Our Connection

photo Kyer Wiltshire, Beloved Festival 2014 From the pages of our 2015 Festival Guide: Elliot Rasenick is one of the great visionary thinkers of our time…the founder of Beloved Sacred Music & Art Festival and Inspire Truth. We talked about the rise of education in the festivals. Saphir [...]

Music Festivals vs. Transformational Festivals

by Jessica Devnani of, originally published at Too often do people group these two types of festivals into the same category.  Although there are similarities, there are also very distinct differences. Most of the time, each type of festival provides the attendee a uniquely contrasting experience. Ever since [...]

Learn to Spin Fire

photo courtesy of Zan Moore Want to learn to SPIN FIRE with a whole bunch of great people? Or get some new hoop tricks? Juggle? Aerial Silk?.....nows the time to sign up for one of the great Flow Arts training camps that are on all through the spring - catch [...]

Lets Step Inside: Lucidity Festival

  All photos courtesy of Lucidity Festival. Coming soon – April 10-12 in Santa Barbara, California….. by Saphir Lewis This is a new Fest feature format, a mini tour into the details of a festival on the horizon… I’ll try to do one a week…beginning with one of [...]


There has been a wave running through our discussions as event producers over the last few years – a shift in the wind. As we move out of the Warrior mode into the new paradigm of caring for one another, we look to the archetype of GUARDIAN. We’re not “fighting [...]

Why We Need Transformational Festival Culture

photo by Dijon, Originally posted to Fest 300 by author Maya Zuckerman on March 18, 2015 [rel=canonical] Humans have come far from the days of ancient harvest celebrations and Greco-Roman festivals. Woodstock, which was hailed as “An Aquarian Exposition,” and where amenities included groundbreaking music and a [...]

Way Beyond the Lens: 7 Trends to Help Festival Media Last for 7 Generations

Allura by Wesley Wolfbear Pinkham, released under Creative Commons 4.0 BY-SA I know it’s long, but it was written just for YOU. Here’s a long form industry-focused piece just published at Lucidity. Wrote this article to think about critical components of streamlining and improving our sphere. Definitely would [...]

Top 10 Reasons Why you Want to Live in The Villages of Tomorrow

from Reality Sandwich, by Jonah Gabriel Those who find themselves on the pioneering growth edge of communal living are calling for a return to our roots. Countless movements are stepping up, harnessing the power of today’s technology as a means for sharing ideas, knowledge, and resources, and are advocating for [...]

Reinhabiting the Village: Interview Series 3 of 7

'Beyond the Festival' Interview with Jamaica Stevens (3 of 7) Our pace is quickening! Can you feel it? As we celebrate passing the $6000 milestone, we tune into the vision shared by Jamaica in this part 3 of 7 interview series about what comes after the festival. Also, how can [...]

Reinhabiting the Village: Interview Series 2 of 7

'Our Turn at the Steering Wheel' Interview with Jamaica Stevens (2 of 7) We are doing a little happy dance this morning, in celebration of three things. 1. We honor and thank our 100th backer, a big shout out to Collin Murphy! 2. We just went over the $5,000 mark, [...]

Reinhabiting the Village: Interview Series 1 of 7

'Belonging to a People and a Place' Interview with Jamaica Stevens (1 of 7) A big and hearty THANK YOU! In celebration of reaching the $4,000 mark, we are happy to share this first part of an interview with ReInhabiting the Village visionary, Jamaica Stevens. This video will help you [...]

Ushering In a New Age of Transformational Festivals

by Tricia Eastman, reposted from Elephant Journal photo KyerPhotography Beloved Festival THIS IS THE YEAR for Transformational Festivals! These immersive participatory gatherings leave a profound life-changing effect through inner growth and fostering a deep sense of love and community. Open-sourced, pop-up environments […]

Electronic Awakening: Watch This Film!

This is a HEADS UP to WATCH THIS FILM: Electronic Awakening....I just had the great fortune of meeting Julian Reyes, founder of Keyframe Entertainment and Executive Producer both of this film and The Bloom Series. Julian is a true believer, a visionary who makes it his life work to be [...]

Zippy Lomax

Our Goddess tonite is the great photographer Zipporah Lomax, who documents our culture, capturing the magic and delivering it on a plate of wonder that makes us gasp! After hours she is a tender friend who loves adventuring with a posse of pals. Both her great work and sweetness are [...]

Interview with Jonah Haas

Jonah Haas, the great listener….photo by Spencer Weiner [Things have progressed since this interview – the Lucidity Narrative is now 12 years long and more exciting than ever. Check it out HERE.] Lucidity Festival is doing something no one has done yet. They are crafting a living story, an evolution, [...]

Elliot Rasenick, founder of Beloved Sacred Art & Music Festival

ADDING to our Gallery of Great Men in our Tribe….Elliot Rasenick, founder of Beloved Sacred Art & Music Festival, just look at that smile!!! Elliot has done more for this community than he knows, very few have looked to see it, because its so invisible – but its a HUGE [...]

Alchemistas, A new book of Visionary Art

CALL TO ARTISTS! GET YOUR WORK PUBLISHED! Just had a nice visit with Darren Minke, both installation artist and painter who travels festival to festival making beauty for our community to enjoy. He has just released a new book called anthology  of top festival artists, an amazing artpiece in [...]

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