This is a HEADS UP to WATCH THIS FILM: Electronic Awakening….I just had the great fortune of meeting Julian Reyes, founder of Keyframe Entertainment and Executive Producer both of this film and The Bloom Series. Julian is a true believer, a visionary who makes it his life work to be a driver of the transformational movement. His work impacts our lives continually. Through Keyframe, he manages artists, he runs several recording labels, he supports all sorts of creative projects – including Darren Minke’s Visionary Art book, “Alchemistas”. He produces festival & music publications, supports media websites, Its mind boggling to see how many projects in our universe are boosted by his support. We’ll get a lot deeper into Julian and Keyframe coming up soon, but for tonite..

Sit back and WATCH THIS FILM – it will fill your heart, inspire your soul, and renew your allegiance to the transformational festival movement….its all about who we are, what we are doing and how very sacred our gathering is…for each of us individually, and for all of humanity.

AND its an hour plus of fantastic Electronic Music, featuring lots of your favorite artists! I think you’re going to like it!

You can now stream Electronic Awakening on #youtube for $3.99 or watch it for free on Hulu Plus!
Electronic Awakening