About Us

About Us

A Bright Future Is Possible. For All Of Us.

A Bright Future Is Possible.
For All Of Us.

Festival Fire is a central hearthfire, a source of news and inspiration for the transformational festival community. “Transformational” refers to cultural transformation or the re-invention of humanity on earth. These are not your ordinary music events. We are building a culture where the currency is caring – for each other, for ourselves, for our neighbors, for our planet. Yes, a bright future is possible, but only if we bring it! These gatherings are collaborative open-sourced villages, devoted to experimentation and inspired co-creation of the world we want to live in. And we believe that YOU, that everyone, has gifts to bring to the table!

FESTIVAL FIRE is here to nourish that dream.

“You are a unique and precious gift and a necessary ingredient to this collective feast.”

~ Jamaica Stevens

We include big music festivals here, though they are not collaborative, nor sharing the same intention; because festies everywhere are looking for community and something more to be a part of. We hope that by coming to Festival Fire for information, they will discover our world, and come investigate.

For a deep dive, check out our article “35 Ways That Transformational Festivals Are More Fun!”

If you want to chat, we love to hear from you! Reach us through our “Contact” page.