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Transformational Festivals Of North America

Transformational Festivals Of North America

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Transformational Village Festival Calendar

Transformational Village Festival Calendar

showing events in the North & Central American regions.

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Transformational Village FestivalS 2023

THESE EVENTS are more than just music festivals, they are collaboratively built villages with a shared vision of “practicing the world we want to live in”. These communities share values of kindness & caring for each other, for all living things, for ourselves…and are based in community, collaboration, creativity, sustainability & family.
Read our article about them – “35 Ways Transformational Festivals Are More Fun!

UPDATED JUNE 2023 ..…. Festing Is BACK! We’re excited to present a full page of active dates and buzzing anticipation for a full season of fun!

SUPPORT YOUR FAVE EVENTS ….. As a festival lover, note that these festivals are fragile financially, and many have gone under, others are struggling…. after & post pandemic,it has been rough. We have lost so many beloved events and will continue to lose more….. you, their loyal community, can help them make it through this. Reach out to them, talk to them, hold fundraisers or ask how you can help – As community gatherings, it is only community that will keep them afloat through these tough times.

WANT TO PARTICIPATE? Festival Fire does not book music, artists or anything else, we’re just a calendar! Most festivals open applications 6-8 months in advance of the event. If you are interested in applying as a performer, volunteer, crew, media, workshop presenter or something else, click through to the festival’s website and look for their applications there.

photo David Pricco, Lucidity Festival


Sept 14-17, 2023 Three Peaks Oasis, Cedar City, UT
4 days + 3 Nights of conscious music, ecstatic dance, inspirational “Spark talks” by thought leaders, and hundreds of interactive, healing workshops provided by Southern Utah’s conscious, spiritual healers and practitioners. Stroll through a marketplace showcasing creative vendors offering healing tools and gifts such as: crystals, art, drums, jewelry, healing herbs and tinctures and more, This outdoor event is set on 60 acres with the added bonus of a man made lake and 200 foot water slide! Lodging options include bringing your own camping gear, RVs and camping trailers are permitted, no hook ups; hotels nearby. Plan to visit the many nearby state and national parks – including the Zion National Park & the Grand Canyon – to add to your destination festival experience!

Sonic Bloom, photographer unknown


September 15-17, 2023 Joshua Tree, California
Bhakti Fest is a four day music festival celebrating devotion through chanting, yoga, meditation and community. The Center for Spiritual Studies Inc, Bhakti and Shaktifest’s Non-Profit Organization is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting collective evolution, and has raised funds for several causes and charities over the past 44 years. All of our presenters embody the spirit of Bhakti – deep devotion. We gather on 450 acres of inspiring desert land to express our love and devotion as one community through an enchanting array of activities.


September 22-24, 2023 Redmond, Oregon
Gem & Jam and 4 Peaks Presents have teamed up to bring you the first annual Cascade Equinox Festival, a three-day event held in Central Oregon. Our musical lineup paired with our unique immersive experiences of visual and performance art, workshops, kids activities, camping & carnival rides, make Cascade Equinox more than just a music festival. Alongside a curated selection of local wineries, breweries and restaurants and a market featuring unique nomadic and artisanal crafts set against the majestic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest High Desert, Cascade Equinox is an event not to be missed.


September, (no dates yet) Fall Equinox, Peace Day, UN IDP Lake Wales, Florida
Est. 1997, Earthdance is now the largest, global synchronized dance event in history. Today, there are hundreds of Earthdance locations in sixty countries participating. For this one weekend in September, all around the globe, people join together to dance as one global community, united with a common vision for peace and humanitarian aims. Every event across the globe recites a Prayer for Peace at the same moment – morning in the Australian rainforest, afternoon in California, dusk in Florida, midnight in London, and sunrise over the Himalayas. The Prayer for Peace is a profound moment that unites our intentions for World Peace.


September 28-Oct 1, 2023 Lake Perris, Calif.
Same Same But Different Music & Arts Festival is a four-day campout where music, art, and wellness converge to create a wide-ranging experience designed to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. It’s letting go, it’s dreaming big, it’s being fearlessly yourself, it’s an escape from the mundane and it’s all in Southern California.


October 5-8, 2023 Joshua Tree, California
JTMF is a resource-generating powerhouse of passionate creativity, community empowerment, and arts education for all ages. A family inclusive global music experience in the magical Mojave. Committed to radical inclusion, these four-day funky desert-style festivals create experiences where passion, purpose, family, and friends come together, and the boundary between performer and patron is blurred.


October 10-16, 2023 Panama
Tribal Gathering is more than a festival, it is a place for the world to come together, where time is transcended, ancient and modern converge in symbiotic harmony, shaman manifest spirits of plants as musicians call on the ethos of imagination. Interfaith dialogue blends with a rich heritage of esoteric wellness, creativity, alternative cultures, active participation and love. Ultimately it is where we welcome the divine spirt of dance. Tribal Gathering is a meeting point for indigenous communities from all over the world. It is a gathering of tribes, from the past and present, the global transformational tribe and whoever feels the call to join in the celebrations. It takes place every year over the full moon of February on the Caribbean coast of Panama.


October 13-15, 2023 Weldon, Calif.
A Magical 4 Day Festival of yoga, kirtan, chants and ecstatic dance. Our second annual Bhakti Love gathering at Native Springs Oasis! Join us for three life-changing days of community, collaboration, resonant energy, oneness, mindfulness, and joy. Bringing the Bhakti community together to create a full chakra awakening that offers something for everyone — as you look to connect with nature, deepen your practice, make new friends, and perhaps touch the divine.

LEAF FESTIVAL – Lake Eden Arts Festival

October 19-22, 2023 Black Mountain, North Carolina
For more than 25 years, each May & October an inter-generational family joins together upon the beautiful Lake Eden grounds to experience the power music, art and culture has to transform lives, strengthen community, and foster unity. LEAF Retreat is limited to 1500 in May and the Festival grows to 6000 in October amidst a stunning array of rolling hills, lakes, streams, and mountain beauty on hundreds of acres of comfortable camping grounds. LEAF scours the globe for artists, musicians, performers and facilitators that are not only masters of their craft, but who also care deeply for the power of arts education and family engagement.


November 16-19, 2023 Lake Wales, Florida
Zen Awakening Festival is a transformational, music and arts festival featuring DJ’s, Jam Bands, Yoga, 100 acres of nature, Meditation, Spiritual Teachers, Holistic Teachers, Cirque Performers, Flow Dancers, Drum Circle, Group Chants, Fire Performers, Central Fire, Healing Sanctuary, Workshops, Theme Campsites, Permaculture, Kirtan, Camping, Organic Food Vendors and Art Installations.


NYE (May not happen this year – they are part of Texas Eclipse) Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

A transformative cultural initiative designed to leave a positive social and local impact. The festival supports different artists, organizations and community projects, encouraging a platform between cultures, Individuals and social impact projects.

As the technological singularity approaches ever closer, we have the opportunity to code new systems of abundance. By remaining passive passengers on Spaceship Earth, we may encounter runaway artificial intelligence programmed to extract value from the material world, leading to the extinction of the human species.


April 5-9, 2024 Burnet, Texas
From the producers of Oregon Eclipse (2017)….People from around the world will unite in celebration as a total solar eclipse fills the Central Texas skies. Join us for a once in a lifetime experience! Collaborating international festivals involved in this event include Symbiosis Gathering, Bass Coast Festival, Origin Festival, Cosmic Convergence Festival, Re:birth Festival, Beloved Presents, Festival Ometeotl, Meadows in the Mountains Festival, DisQo PereZoso, Strawberry Fields Festival, Bachstelzen. Tickets on sale now.


CANTANDO LA VIDA (Singing Alive)

February 3-5, 2023 Finca Amrta, Costa Rica
Singing Alive Costa Rica is an avenue to remembering and reweaving our living song culture. Which in turn, supports bringing together the world thru harmonic communion. We are revitalizing this culture through enacting community rituals, by including song in community events, and by celebrating the inspiration brought forth by song and voice. However, the universal urge to sing is something that can not be lost!


Feb. 27-Mar 6, 2023 Uvita, Costa Rica
Come to a magical place where time slows down and the outside world drops away….come dance, play, celebrate, love , learn, teach, co-create, co-inspire and transform our consciousness and our world. With the collaboration of myriad talented allies, both local and international, we aim to co-create an event inspired by and inspiring the positive collective consciousness of all who are involved for the betterment of ourselves and of the planet.


March 31 – April 2, 2023 Tepoztlan, Morelos. Mexico
These beautiful folks attended our producers alliance in August and produce the first transformational festival we know of in Mexico. They have a beautiful vision of conscious community in collaborative celebration of life, and we encourage your support as they begin the journey of gathering. You will also meet them at Envision and Tribal Alliance; they are family.


April 20-23, 2023 Wheatland, California
With your help we can make CoLab Campout an 150 participant, 3.5 day, village building immersive experience! Retreat design with a micro-festival vibe. Participants are ushered through a 4 pillar hands-on experience consisting of InnerWork, OuterWork, Transformation, and Celebration. CoLab is where Earth Lovers, Impact Leaders, Change-Makers, Artists, Musicians, Community Organizers, and beautiful souls come together to create the empowering and regenerative reality we all wish to see!

Building (Wo)Man Festival

April 27-30, 2023 Green River, Utah
Building (Wo)Man is a sustainable living, arts, and music festival. We are in our 14th year and this event is held every year in the springtime and is powered entirely by solar and wind energy, featuring natural building structures and art installations built from reclaimed materials. Workshops are led by experts in the fields of sustainable living, Art, health and wellnes, and more! Everyone is welcome to attend and contribute to the movement!


May 4-8, 2023 Mandala Springs – Cobb, Calif.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a transformative experience, featuring music, dance, workshops, yoga, and organic food. With over 100 conscious artists and workshop presenters, you’ll be surrounded by a heart-centered community of like-minded individuals who prioritize health and wellness. This year’s lineup includes incredible acts such as Ayla Nereo, Equanimous, Lightcode, Skysia, Ruby Chase, Morillo, Kr3ture, and Shamans Dream. From ecstatic dance to sound healing, there’s something for everyone at High Vibe Fest. But it’s not just about the music and workshops. Our mission is to create a festival experience that’s all about joy, celebration, and good vibes – without the need for alcohol. We offer a tiered ticket system, so make sure to grab your tickets before prices go up!

LEAF RETREAT – Lake Eden Arts Festival

May 11-14, 2023 Black Mountain, North Carolina
For more than 25 years, each May & October an inter-generational family joins together upon the beautiful Lake Eden grounds to experience the power music, art and culture has to transform lives, strengthen community, and foster unity. LEAF Retreat is limited to 1500 in May and the Festival grows to 6000 in October amidst a stunning array of rolling hills, lakes, streams, and mountain beauty on hundreds of acres of comfortable camping grounds. LEAF scours the globe for artists, musicians, performers and facilitators that are not only masters of their craft, but who also care deeply for the power of arts education and family engagement.

photo by Heidi Kaden, Lucidity Festival, Sound Bath


May 18-21, 2023 Joshua Tree, California
The Joshua Tree Music Festivals are produced by a family of friends and funsters convinced that music is the soul of life, and that art enriches and saves lives. That experience is enhanced when embraced in the great outdoors amongst fellow music lovers. Better still in an intimate setting, where the distinction between artist and audience is blurred, and a passionate performance can be truly relished in close proximity to the stage. Add FREE water to patrons, no service charges on reasonably priced tickets, and well … let the games begin.

LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE – 20th Anniversary!

May 24-29, 2023 Buena Vista Lake, Kern County, CA
A 5 DAY celebration of art, music, performance, yoga, sustainability and life, LIB goes beyond any ordinary music festival. LIB is one of the United State’s premier award winning events and has earned national recognition as a pioneer in the West Coast’s conscious festival movement. With its world-class fusion of electronic music, performance art, spiritual lectures and hands-on workshops, the festival’s overarching embodiment of cultural and environmental consciousness creates an atmosphere where attendees from all walks of life can find a way to connect with others as well as themselves.


June 8-11, 2023 Cobb, California
Are you ready to Love? SoulPlay is 4 full days of workshops and activities, including heart-opening connection, invigorating yoga, deep inner reflection and healing, blissful dance, and much more. We will have dozens of workshops to choose from, so you can choose how to explore your edge at your own pace and flavor.


June 8-11, 2023 Twisp, Wash.
An Herbal Fair inspired Immersion weekend to celebrate & resource our thriving NW Herbal Community through an interdisciplinary gathering of Herbalism, Mycology, Intentional Music, & Healing Arts. Due to capacity limits there will only be 222 reservations available for this experience. This will be an intimate weekend experience to journey deep as a community.


June 8-12, 2023 Wilseyville, California
Stilldream was formed in June of 2000, by a group of like minded individuals from the Sierra Foothills, and Sacramento, interested in the preservation of events of an earthy, intimate nature, which were becoming more and more scarce at the time. A common love for music, community, nature, culture, and consciousness has encouraged us all to unite and give back to the community that has always given us love, inspiration and provided growth. In its 14 years, Stilldream has gone from us all trying to see where we could take it, to realizing that Stilldream itself has indeed been taking us all on a ride that we could have never imagined.


June 13-16, 2023 Boulder, Colorado
Join us for an intimate, retreat style gathering with a limited number of passes. The festival will take place on Boulder County’s Yellow Barn farm with locally sourced farm to table Saturday dinner included for all three-day passholders. Join renowned leaders in yoga, mindfulness, farming and climate consciousness for a bliss filled weekend of transformation.


June 14-18, 2023 Tolland, Massachusetts
Forest Dance is a profound sacred ceremonial gathering where we dance and experiment with creativity in service, around a sacred fire, for three full nights until dawn. This model is designed to cultivate our energy together. It is designed to be in service together and to create an atmosphere for deep listening, where the musicians, which can include all of us, are swept up together in the energy that moves through the circle. Through the timeless action of circling the fire, in part from the pulsing of moving closer to music and away, and closer and away, there is a breaking away of the armor. The pieces we sensitive people need to cope day to day, come down and we begin to expand and open.


June 15-18, 2023 Hummingbird Ranch, Colorado
Sonic Bloom is a 4-day camping festival that brings live and electronic music, dance, art and human performance together in an atmosphere that inspires open channels of creativity for everyone involved, especially the audience…Together, we will create a resonant field in which to unify all forms of human creative expression. Come participate in our 10th annual festival with some of the highest quality live electronic artists and most cutting-edge producers to create what is an incredibly intimate boutique festival experience… a unified field.


June 16-19, 2023 Mojave, Calif.
A collaborative project which brings together art car crews, musical acts, performers, and artists to create eclectic art events. Our team includes art car collaborators from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the Bay Area, and beyond. Full lineup of music, great food and more.

photo by Harmonic Light.


June 20-25, 2023 North Carolina
Skills for Living with the Earth. Each day is full of workshops spanning wilderness survival skills to permaculture, plant identification to cooking over fire, cow milking to bowl carving, basket weaving to blacksmithing. Through our time together at Firefly, we not only share skills to connect to the land, we connect also with ourselves, one another, our ancestors, and our future generations.


June 28-30, 2024 Live Oak Campground, Santa Ynez, California|
Year in and year out, dreamers from across many realms gather in the oak dotted hills above Santa Barbara and build more than a festival, they build a city of our collective dreams. This city is an earthly reflection of a mythic place that sits in our imaginations and in our hearts, at the center of all space and time, where all possibilities, all creativity and all Love is born.
We know this place as The Lucid City. Come and be a part of it!


June 29-July 1, 2023 Garrettsville, Ohio
The law of Resonance provides the answers as to how the law of attraction operates and creates the events, conditions, and circumstances in your life. A gathering of like-minded, motivated, music-loving individuals.


June 29-July 2, 2023 Quincy, CA
Situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, High Sierra Music Festival boasts a family friendly atmosphere packed with artists traversing all musical genres. The eclectic lineup at the festival is backed by a picturesque venue surrounded by a mountainous landscape and national forests. More than just music is offered at the High Sierra with yoga areas, audience-participation parades, children’s areas and more.


June 30-July 3, 2023 Vancouver, BC, Canada
Summer Intention is the summer camp-out version of the famous Winter Intention retreat. Summer Intention is a four day, three night event where a village of all ages comes together to celebrate, share, workshop, perform, dance, play, heal, connect, share meals, and have fun. Intention is a time and space for being authentically ourselves in a dynamic, loving and inspirational community setting.


July 1-7, Every Year Location TBA the week before [SINCE 1972]The Rainbow Family gathers every year in the National Forests of North America, always during the week of July 1-7. The peak of the Gathering on July 4 begins with morning silence, broken by a community prayer for world peace and followed by a full day of (acoustic) music, dancing, feasting, and celebration. The event runs on the principle of communal collaboration with everyone bringing and giving what they have. Food is donated to the many kitchens that are responsible for feeding the Gathering, free of charge. The use of money is taboo, and prohibited items include alcohol, firearms, and sound amplifiers.

When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow — Old Native American Prophecy

photographer unknown, Cosmic Convergence


July 7-9, 2023 Veneta, Oregon [Since 1969]
The Oregon Country Fair has 17 stages featuring hundreds of world class entertainers and performers, hand craft artisans and gourmet food creators lining up to provide, once again, an experience unequaled in the festival world. Dress up and come ready to participate in a time-of-your-life cultural immersion that nourishes the spirit. Explore living artfully and authentically on Earth, and transform culture in magical, joyous and healthy ways. The Oregon Country Fair creates a world unlike any other in a magical wooded setting.


July 7-10, 2023 Merritt, BC, Canada
The rich culture that surrounds our music is a creative community of artists, scientists, designers, yogi’s, environmentalists, freedom fighters, business minds, intellectuals, party-goers, poets and dancers. We believe the Bass Coast community is a supportive environment where we hope to inspire each participant to find deeper layers of themselves.


July 14, 2023 Bellingham, Washington State
Extraordinary Possibilities : Explorations in Art, Music & Nature. In true NW style, we create our festival together and are seeking diverse participation from our region and beyond. Three days of camping with music, art, workshops, performances & artisan vending in the beautiful, green and majestic pacific northwest.


July 14-16, 2023 Piercy, CA
Northern Nights is a one-of-a-kind festival located in Cook’s Valley campground in the red woods of Northern California. It is a transformative music festival with yoga, workshops, three stages and a silent disco, art, fashion, hammock lounges, a very special cannabis expo, and so much more!

FAIRY & HUMAN RELATIONS CONGRESS – Also a digital event in January

July 20-23, 2023 ‘El Refugio’ a magical ravine outside of Salem, OR
Fairy Congress is devoted to promoting communication and co-creation with nature spirits, devas and the faery realms. Are you one of the enchanted ones who speaks, plays and works with the fairy realm, the fae, nature spirits, angels or even dragons? Or are you simply curious and wanting to learn more? People from all walks of life, who want to learn to, set this June weekend aside as their very favorite. Profound teachings affect deep personal change as we work with friends across the veil, to bring LOVE into the planet, all shared with like minded friends who soon become family.

photo Jacob Aanzato, Lightning In A Bottle


July 21-24, 2023 Salmo, BC, Canada
Shambhala Music Festival was born from a vision as grassroots as it gets. On a sunny Labour Day weekend back 1998, some 500 people gathered at the Salmo River Ranch for a party that showcased local art and music. Since those early, heady days, Shambhala grew with enthusiasm by word of mouth, quickly becoming a staple event for the West Coast underground electronic music scene. Today it attracts world renowned DJs and artists and some of the most eclectic, energetic fans in the universe. Shambhala is built on Shambhalove which shines bright to this day.


July 25-30, 2023 Artemas, Pennsylvania
Big Dub Festival is the crossroads where great music & festivities meets human interaction. There are multiple stages of music with entertainment throughout each night until 6am, daily workshops, drum circles, bonfires, yoga, and more.

photo by Brian Bradley, Firefly Gathering


August 11-14, 2023 Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada
Join us for this transformational festival, as we step into a new cycle of Creation & Celebration. Experience an extensive lineage of inspired Conference workshops; Connect and dance with a variety of local and international music performers. Enjoy the family friendly activities for all ages and interests. Inshala 8 – “Rebirth”


August 17-19, 2023 Thornville, Ohio
A fresh and immersive festival experience focusing on both visual and performance arts. After a successful and wild inaugural year, Secret Dreams Music & Arts Festival will return to its home at esteemed Legend Valley in Thornville, OH for another round.


August 17-20, 2023 Tolland, Massachusetts
Honoring and bringing together different sub-cultures this gathering is a yoga festival, it is a tribal belly dance festival. It is a world and sacred music festival, and dance party, a live art show, a place for ceremony, for permaculture, for sculptural works and circus arts. It is a place to care for the land and to eat organic food, and to be inspired and inspire our kids and our elders.


August 25-27, 2023 Hotchkiss, Colorado
Traveling Shamans Camp is an annual gathering of shamans, visionary artists, healers and wisdom teachers featuring performances, dances, storytelling, sweat lodges, ceremonies, and workshops. Our mission is to preserve shamanic practices by facilitating the public experience of those practices by elders in the field. Ticket holders may offer services or products from their campsite.

FAERIEWORLDS – I’m posting this as Faerieworlds was an Iconic community member

August CANCELLED, Eugene, Oregon


As we are sure you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the events business, exacerbated by the current inflation and recession. For too many outdoor festivals and conventions it has been an extinction level event, as they have been unable to survive the sudden cancellations and the severe economic impact that occurred as a result.

Unfortunately, Faerieworlds and FaerieCon have not been an exception: both events last year severely underperformed at significant losses. As owners and producers, we are faced with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cumulative debt that is insurmountable. Any realistic hope of producing Faerieworlds and FaerieCon has expired and we have declared insolvency and been forced to legally dissolve the LLC that produced the shows.

We know that you, like us, have suffered the impact of this extraordinary global event. We also know the Faerieworlds and FaerieCon communities are strong in its heart and beliefs and will not only survive but prevail. Hold on to all the wonderful memories of Faerieworlds and FaerieCon in your minds and hearts and know that all of those moments are rich and real and will empower, sustain and inspire you in the coming days. We thank you for your years of support.

The Faerieworlds Team


August 27 -Sept 4, 2023 Black Rock City, Nevada
Once a year, tens of thousands of participants gather to create Black Rock City in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. They depart one week later, having created unbelievable artistic experiences, and having left no trace whatsoever. As the dust settles from our Waking Dreams, we already cannot wait for Black Rock City 2023. Let’s build an even more radically inclusive and sustainable city and global community.

Our intention is to generate society that connects each individual to his or her creative powers, to participation in community, to the larger realm of civic life, and to the even greater world of nature that exists beyond society. We believe that the experience of Burning Man can produce positive spiritual change in the world. The touchstone of value in our culture will always be immediacy: experience before theory, moral relationships before politics, survival before services, roles before jobs, embodied ritual before symbolism, work before vested interest, participant support before sponsorship. And we will always burn the Man.


September 8-10, 2023 Doe Bay Resort, Orcas Island, Washington
In this age of immense change, our entire culture is being reevaluated. In this unprecedented time of intellectual and spiritual freedom, we have the opportunity to create a brand new way of thinking and feeling. One day at a time we are discovering a new language for interacting. One moment at a time we are inventing new ways to celebrate.