The 2022 International Events!

The 2022 International Events!

Events We Love, Outside of North America

LUNASA (Luminate) – New Zealand

February 1-8, 2023 Canaan Downs, New Zealand
Join us to celebrate the ancient festival of Lughnasadgh (Lunasa) at the peak of summer, midway between the summer solstice and autumn equinox. Lunasa offers a supportive environment for co-creating peaceful solutions to being authentic, self-organising living souls in heart-centered communities flourishing in resonance with nature.

ELEVATE – Austria

March 1-5, 2023 Graz, Austria
Elevate’s professed aim is to combine critical political discourse with art and music within a special framework. With an extensive program of discussions, workshops, lectures, and film presentations, the Elevate Festival wishes to foster a better understanding of the most important issues of our time. There is a conscuious focus on groundbreaking alternatives, innovative projects, and various intiatives in the realm of civil society, social movements and dedicated activism. Presenting an eclectic array of styles, the performing artists at Elevate have one thing in common: the courage to break away from conventions and satisfy their personal need to find their own voice, far removed from the mainstream. That being said, Elevate offers a musical journey away from well-known Best-Of-Sets, challenging both artists and audiences alike.
Artistic horizons can be explored, shared and expanded not only at live-shows but also at workshops on music production.


May 4-7, 2023 Ubud, Bali
A spiritually charged event that takes place on the tropical island of Bali,
the annual BaliSpirit Festival inspires and unifies the global community
through yoga, dance, healing and the beat of world music.


May 12-15, 2023 Willowbank, QLD Australia
Earth Frequency Festival is a 4 day outdoor festival, based in South-East Queensland, Australia. While fitting in to many cultural niches or pigeon holes such as outdoor music concert, transformational festival, tribal gathering, doof, workshop conference etc, the aim of Earth Frequency Festival is to go beyond these traditional tags and exist as a multi-faceted gathering focused broadly on creativity, community, connection, intention and inspiration. Our focus is on creating a meaningful space, where we can gather, celebrate life with music and art and other creative forms, educate, connect, heal and inspire.


May 13-14, 2023 Spaarnwoude, Netherlands
Awakenings Festival is an electronic music festival held in Spaarnwoude Houtrak, just outside of Amsterdam. Anchored in the techno scene, the festival brings in the biggest names to The Netherlands.Awakenings has become one of the biggest names in electronic music, holding events all over the country.


June 2023 (No dates yet) Kent, England
A beautiful, magical, solar powered, musical circus. A twice yearly festival. Raising awareness of sustainable living. Creating community. Celebrating music and the sheer joy of creativity. Supporting and nurturing Festival Folk Music.

photo by Spinferno, Earth Frequency


June 18, 2022 Sloterpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Mystic Garden is a paradise where time has no meaning. It is a place where people can discover the Magic of an enchanted secret place where life and music and creativity come together for one glorious day to remind us of how life should be savored and cherished at every moment!


June 22-26, 2022 Pilton, Somerset, England
Inspired by the ethos of the hippie, counterculture, and free festival movements, the festival retains vestiges of these traditions, such as the Green Fields area, which includes sections known as the Green Futures and Healing Fields. In addition to contemporary music, the festival hosts dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret, and other arts.


June 29 – July 3, 2022 Northern Germany
Far away from daily life, Fusion seeks to create a wondrous parallel society. Come to Mecklenburg’s vast plains to enjoy four days of unique music of all kinds, theatre, performance art, cinema, installations, interaction and communication. Diversity of people, diverse in their intentions. Still, their strive for individual freedom unites them, everybody finding her and his own way of action. Free of boundaries and prejudice.


July 7-9, 2023 Hilbarenbeek, Netherlands
Awakenings Summer Festival will take place in Hilvarenbeek, for the first time, making it the only three-day techno festival in the Netherlands. Awakenings Summer Festival will host no less than nine areas, both outdoor stages as well as tents all in the usual Awakenings style with top-quality stage design and immersive light shows. On Friday and Saturday, the programming will extend into the night.


July (no dates yet 2023) Quebec, Canada
The festival is an international gathering of visual and musical art where artists, performers, dancers and campers from near and far share 4 days together. This event promises a symbiosis of dance, open philosophies, performance art, human (and spiritual) experiences set up in a enchanting environment. This is the summer party you won’t want to miss! Keep up the energy, the colours, the fun, the good vibe and the feelings, communicate, smile, laugh and dance!

MASTERS OF CALM (Awareness Festival) – Lithuania

July 14-21, 2023 Auksinė Giria, Lithuania
A life-changing adventure. Know yourself more deeply! Through movement, meditations, lectures and personal consultations with inspiring teachers. 10 most beautiful summer days, 7 different festival spaces, where almost 100 masters of awareness and personal growth from different countries will share their knowledge and experience! Participants say that you leave the festival feeling freer and more yourself.

photo by Jeggrey Packard, Luminate Festival


July 20-27, 2023 Idanha-A-Nova Lake, Portugal
Boom is not only a festival, it is a state of mind. Inspired by the principles of Oneness, Peace, Creativity, Sustainability, Transcendence, Alternative Culture, Active Participation, Evolution and Love, it is a space where people from all over the world can converge to experience an alternative reality. Boom is a festival dedicated to the Free Spirits from all over the world. It is the gathering of the global psychedelic tribe and of whoever feels the call to join in the celebrations!! Boom is a weeklong unpredictable and unforgettable adventure. It takes place, every two years, during August Full Moon, on the shores of a magnificent lake in the sunny Portuguese inland and every one is invited!


July 21 – 23 and July 28 – 30, 2023 De Schorre, Belgium
Every summer, Tomorrowland welcomes more than 400,000 People of Tomorrow from all corners of the planet to celebrate together during 2 wonderful weekends of magic. The whole world unites in one magical place filled with energy and love, embracing the gift of life and symbolizing the values of equality, freedom, respect, diversity, and solidarity. Catering to all genres in electronic dance music, the festival treats guests to mesmerizing performances of hundreds of the world’s finest artists on more than 15 magnificent stages.


July 31-August 6, 2023 Dádpuszta, Hungary
A psychedelic tribal gathering. A universe of openness, togetherness, where we can evolve towards becoming one with cosmic energies, with nature, with consciousness, with each other, through dance, trance, creation, invention, transformation and peace. A playground where we learn to share and care, to express and connect, to create and heal, to unify and beautify the world around us and in us.


Aug 3-6, 2023 Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire, England
Welcome to an award winning festival of music, food, learning, literature and rejuvenation. Set amongst the lakes, forests and parkland of Oxfordshire’s exquisite Cornbury Estate, Wilderness is an inspirational weekend for all the ages.


August 3-6, 2023 Chepstow, Wales
Do you fancy meeting like-minded people under open skies for four days of off-grid entertainment and exploration, on a landscaped and wooded site? Relax, dance, share skills and be inspired at The Green Gathering. Enjoy over 100 acts on four stages, including djs, poets, comedians, magicians and mystics, low impact living and Co-ops Camp, craft workshops, permaculture gardens, a tipi circle, campaign stalls, herbs & healing kids, teens and youth spaces, interactive art and radical cinema, and a stone circle and faerie glade.

photo by Lisa Ismael, Luminate Festival


August 2023 (No dates yet) Kent, England
A beautiful, magical, solar powered, musical circus. A twice yearly festival. Raising awareness of sustainable living. Creating community. Celebrating music and the sheer joy of creativity. Supporting and nurturing Festival Folk Music.


FUNDRAISING FOR August 16-19, 2024
“The Transylvania Calling Experience is not about a spiritual teaching. Yet, when you come here and allow what is happening to touch you, deep understandings take place. And when these understandings blossom into an insight, into a realization, your heart opens, consciousness expands…This expansion is the flowering of your being.” Within our collective mind Opening our hearts we surrender to the dance One tribe united We journey into trance In this temple of love we will dance as one One body One mind One heart ♥


NYE December 27, 2022 – January 3, 2023 Pratigi Beach, Bahia, Brazil
This dive into a parallel reality, where the ritual of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect produces an atmosphere that surrounds everyone and is, more and more, a rare and special experience. In Bahia, in the warm waters of Pratigi, 20 years of the gathering will be celebrated.


NYE December 27, 2022 – January 1, 2023 Queensland, Australia
The Woodford Folk Festival is an iconic 6 day cultural festival held at Woodfordia, Qld. More than 2000 performers, 35 venues and 438 acts are programmed featuring local, national and international guests. The festival programme features concerts, dances, street theatre, writers’ panels, film festival, comedy sessions, acoustic jams, social dialogue and debate, folk medicine, an entire children’s festival, an environmental programme featuring talks, debates and films, art and craft workshops, circus performances and workshops, late night cabarets, parades and special events including a spectacular fire event.

photo by Ben Birchal, Glastonbury Festival


January 21, 2023
Lexton, Victoria, Australia

Rainbow Serpent Festival has come a long way over the years. From a small gathering in a secluded clearing, to an internationally recognized, multifaceted weekend of dance, colour, expression and celebration. People now travel from all over the world to Western Victoria to experience what some have said is the best outdoor festival of it’s type in the Southern Hemisphere. No longer just an electronic music festival these days you can expect to experience a unique combination of music, art, performance, spiritual education, relaxation and healing.