Reinhabiting The Village Book“ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future” is a 350 page graphically rich, full color, soft cover book showcasing the work of 12 Visionary Artists and over 65 Contributing Authors featuring “Voices from the Village” sharing their experience, best practices, strategies and resources to empower communities through practical wisdom and inspiring perspectives.

Offering our resources, templates, tools, wisdom and technologies, woven into a whole systems village design tapestry, richly accessorized with the art and stories of many cultures honorably, respectfully, gratefully!!!

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Jamaica at Awakenx
So delighted to see this tangible product, by and for the people of the village that I’ve been working alongside in order to present the outcomes of our life and times together.. to you.

I gotta name some names of who else you will find in this book that I love already for having shared experiences with me personally in building our global village of local action.

Ivan Kuxan Suum, La Laurrien, A Keala Young, David Casey, Clayton Gaar, Melanie St James, Wren LaFeet, Robin Liepman, Jonah Gabriel Haas, Magenta Ceiba, Matheo James, Sheri Herndon, Ryan Rising, Simon Yugler, Saphir Lewis, Marissa Weitzman, Samantha Sweetwater, Matthew Finkelstein, Jessîca Perlstein, Geo Atherton, Eric Nez, Aaron Cyrus Dorr Film & Photography.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jamaica Stevens for your unshakable faith and dedication to the vastness of community behind your curation of this work, and thank you Traverse Hall for connecting us up here in the Salish Sea to Tribal Convergence, which has bridged so many powerful wayseers (and show-ers!) into this project.

How blessed are we all to be in such good company, shining so much more brightly for doing it… well, TOGETHER.

Love, Danielle Gennety