Our Turn at the Steering Wheel
Interview with Jamaica Stevens (2 of 7)

We are doing a little happy dance this morning, in celebration of three things. 1. We honor and thank our 100th backer, a big shout out to Collin Murphy! 2. We just went over the $5,000 mark, WOOT… WE ARE DOING IT! and 3. It’s Our Turn Behind the Wheel… that’s right. The generation of movers and shakers who are coming together around this project are standing up and claiming their full creative potential, not letting old stories or wounds be obstacles to our dreams. We are calling out to all others who are ready to stand with us! Look out world, here we come!

Part 3 of this interview series with Jamaica Stevens will be released when we reach the $6000 mark, so help us get there and you’ll hear from her sooner 🙂