Guradianship-2Day-MArch2015There has been a wave running through our discussions as event producers over the last few years – a shift in the wind. As we move out of the Warrior mode into the new paradigm of caring for one another, we look to the archetype of GUARDIAN. We’re not “fighting against” anymore, we are Standing Up For, in new ways for us to live together. In expression of this modality, Lucidity will be offering Guardianship Training onsite as well as beforehand in Ojai at the Lovers Nest Village Fundraiser.

During Lucidity, on site, to be a Guardian is to be available to tend to the needs of those around you, to know where resources are, who are the leaders to call on, who has radios, and helping to resolve situations where help is needed. Taking one of these trainings gets you into the network for a position of Guardian during the gathering.