Photo by Da Karai

Why I Believe Oregon Eclipse (Fest) To Be Pivotal & Historic

I’m not a scientist, but this is my understanding of Imaginal Cells. The caterpillar in the cocoon doesn’t grow wings and come out flying. Rather, it dissolves into a high potency goo….then, science says, mysterious cells start appearing in the goo, single cells that are not made of the goo but are completely new and unique. These “imaginal cells” begin to double, and then attract to one another, forming clusters. Then the clusters begin to find one another…..eating the goo for nourishment. This continues until a complete Butterfly is formed, and something wonderous pops out of the cocoon.

I’ve watched this movement and been part of it for a very long time. There were music festivals for many decades, but it wasn’t until 2010, that I sat with 28 event producers and I saw right before my eyes….a discussion where the conversation went from “we gather to resist the thing we are against” to “no, we have a vision”. A light went off in peoples minds, and in that moment, I was witness to a shift where producers suddenly understood that we weren’t just organizing music festivals – we were building something… something amazing that seemed to have a life of its own, driven by a shared vision that seemed to be universal. It happened all at once, and it was big.

By 2012, the transformational festivals became more and more collaborative, and as they did, creativity took a leap. Scaffolding stages became works of art…clothing had always been colorful, but we began to see live painting and sculpture, amazing living food, healing arts, yoga zones and then it just exploded. People were inspired by one another and even began one-upping to the point where its gone over the top now. Our festivals put Disneyland to shame. They are collaborative villages that seem otherworldly, wonderous worlds where yes, people party, but also, people work together in ways you just don’t see or experience anywhere else. There is a shared vision of a village where we care about each other, where we believe in goodness, where we work hard to be good to one another, to live good lives….to thrive, to be creative, to be Alive.

No we aren’t perfect, and I don’t profess it, we are kids at play, but you, my friends are f-ing rock stars. You’re blowing my mind.

Meanwhile, education has also exploded to become a platform for a new way of living, thinking, being, relating. The festivals have become training grounds for the new human. Young kids & older  folks come simply to party and leave exposed to an array of ideas from healthy eating and living, to new ways of relating, to organics and permaculture, roads to health and more.

To see these imaginal cell clusters from around the world come together just brings me to tears, and I hope it does to you too. The vision isn’t just regional, it isn’t just our friends. Its global and its huge. It’s rocking this planet! Soon our likeminded cousins are coming here to meet us and watch the Eclipse with us.

Get out and meet them. Share ideas and talk “global future” with them. These are powerful times. A new world of caring, kindness, community, collaboration, creativity and conscious living is upon us. Be a part of it. You were born during this amazing time to both see the show, and participate.

You were born for this! Blessed Be, Its Amazing! And a Full Eclipse to boot!

Participating Events

Symbiosis (Calif) ~ Bass Coast (Canada) ~ Hadra (France) ~ Envision (Costa Rica)

Beloved (Oregon) ~ ~ Lightning In A Bottle (Calif) ~ Origin (South Africa) ~ Sonic Bloom (Colorado

Noisily (UK) ~ Ometeotl (Mexico)  ~ Re:Birth (Japan) ~ Universo Paralello (Brazil)

Rainbow Serpent (Australia) ~ Boom (Portugal) ~ Science & Non-Duality (Calif)

Teams also attending :

Cosmic Convergence (Guatemala) ~ Lucidity (Calif) ~ Imagine Orcas Island (Wash)

Kinnection (N Carolina) ~ Enchanted Forest (Calif) ~ Many more I’m sure!