Our friends at Wanderlust Festival have all of you nomads in mind with these tips for Mindful and Creative travel.

Morning Practice On the Road: 3 Tricks for Mindful and Creative Travel

Nkechi Njaka is just one of the inspiring teachers you can learn from at Wanderlust.

Travel is one of the most exciting things we can do to switch up our daily routine, have an adventure or just give ourselves permission to play—especially when our day-to-day is fairly predictable and structured. In the midst of Festival season, wellness travel can be a rewarding and just the thing we need to pivot and inspire us to live more fully in our practices.

Travel can also be disorienting and can pull us away from our practices. To avoid disorienting travel, I highly recommend creating a portable mini-morning practice that mirrors a practice that happens when you are are at home. When we are in the practice of using the weekend to reset and recharge, it is that much more important to ground in simple practices before entering in to the beautiful chaos that is a wellness festival. This can be particularly helpful for people traveling in general and also those who travel to attend Wanderlust Festival.

In the wellness world, we often hear that having a morning practice or “ritual” is an important way to ground and to set an intention for the day or week. Morning practices can also support us in moving with a sense of connection and purpose. I completely believe this to be true and over the years have developed a meaningful morning practice that inspires me to exist in my truth as well as live fully self-expressed. I feel as though my morning practices sets me up for my day to be successful. That being said, mindfulness is something to be practiced at all times during the day and can be integrated in other daily rituals (meals, physical activity, bed-time routine, etc.). [READ MORE]