The Bloom Series is a 4 part documentary on the new festival movement that is birthing a loving, caring community devoted to building the world we want to live in- now!

A Film Series by Jeet-Kei Leung & Akira Chan
in association with Elevate Films, Keyframe Entertainment, Muti Music & Grounded TV

Amidst the global crisis of a dysfunctional old paradigm, a new renaissance of human culture is underway. Over the course of 3 episodes and 23 transformational festivals around the globe,
explores the alchemy of themes that weave a true story of genuine hope for our times: A new blooming of human consciousness emerging through creativity, love and joy & an emerging culture pointing the way to a bright and promising future.


Director Jeet-Kei Leung,, photographers Zipporah Lomax & Zac Cirivello

The Bloom Series explores the world of transformational festivals — the first millennial counterculture of our digital era. Together, this multi-generational movement builds their own inspired wonderlands, pop-up villages, sometimes cities, of thousands – to escape the default world for days or weeks at a time. They give us a glimpse of what reality would look like if it was driven by inspiration, connection and creative expression, instead of commerce and profit.

Episode 1 looks at the “Fundamental Frequencies” of the transformational festival experience through the themes of Inspiration, Connection & Healing. Festivals featured include Beloved, Burning Man, Lightning In A Bottle, Envision, Entheos, Bass Coast, Shambala, Diversity, Faerieworlds, Inshala, Water Woman, Sonic Bloom, Earthdance (Vancouver), Rootwire, Earth Frequency, Luminate, Mystic Garden, Ascendance.

Episode 2 of The Bloom investigates how the themes of Co-Creation, Participation & Modelling permeate the ethos at transformational festivals. Festivals featured in this episode include Burning Man, Lucidity, Envision, Lightning in a Bottle, Boom, Bass Coast, Beloved, Luminate, Enchanted Forest, Tribal Convergence.

Episode 3 of the Bloom investigates how Mythos, Ritual and The Sacred are explored at transformational festivals. Festivals featured include Beloved, Burning Man, Faerieworlds, Waterwoman, Sonic Bloom, Lightning in a Bottle, Enchanted Forest, Awaken, Rootwire, Firefly, Moontribe, Wanderlust, Earth Frequency, Mystic Garden, Shambhala, Bass Coast.

photo by Ryan Mitchell