OCF.Festival.Organizers.Panel.2011Last July I had the pleasure of being on the OCF Festival Producers Panel, mediated by Chris Deckker, Founder of Earthdance Global. It was that panel discussion – spanning nearly 50 years of event producing, that inspired me to launch Festival Fire.

The discussion began with our early rumblings, rebelling against the status quo. But as we learned to set up camp – toilets, shelter, water, power, stages – in open fields, for what grew to thousands….we found new purpose. Rebellion gave way to inspiration; environmental causes; art, music & creative aspirations and a common vision for a healthy, joyful world.

What a great experience it was to sit with the founders/directors of Reggae on the River, Harmony, Earthdance, Faerieworlds, OCF, High Sierra, Hempfest, and many many more…..and hear them tell their stories!

It was that fascinating discussion that inspired me. Now spanning three generations at our shows, sometimes four, we are nearing the 50 year mark. With 2012 underway, and the world in crisis, the festival movement is growing like wildfire. A culture of celebration, in love with life, is emerging and with it new ways of living, of collaboration, of inspiration based living.

This July, the Oregon Country Fair will again sponsor a panel of Festival Producers to discuss the purpose and direction of the festival/gathering movement and Festival Fire has been invited to participate! The panel is scheduled for 5pm on Saturday night July 14th! Not to miss!

This year’s discussion is sure to be a hot conversation as the festival movement is on the rise! Burning Man alone was hit with over 1 million applicants, and new festivals and gatherings are appearing everywhere.

Hope to see you there!

PS. I’m the tiny woman toward the right in the blue dress with stars! [Saphir]