LucidityCrossroads_2016_TheSightsAndSounds_KrisKish-53Check out this Gorgeous recap of Lucidity Festivals by media goddess Kaylie Suzanne of Violet Visions on The Sights and Sounds, an awesome channel brought to you by our new pal Kris Kish.

Music festivals have undergone a paradigm shift in the way they have to interact with their audience. These events are no longer just once a year news opportunities that are only gossiped about during their extended weekend stays. There’s no way an event could support itself on that antiquated model. Instead, the festival timeline now runs 365 days a year, continuously working to build an engaged and loyal audience through every digital and analog means available. Marketers call this keeping your brand “top-of-mind awareness”. But (waaaaay) more importantly, festival organizers have finally come to understand the true power behind a community – especially a community that is built around a set of moral and/or sustainable principles.

Since its birth in 2011, Lucidity Festival has recognized and embraced the power of community, creating a remarkable container for its attendees to explore the meaning of self amongst a wider human (and non-human) family on this planet. Lucidity Festival follows a six year story of awakening, each year’s theme taking shape around a chapter of the story designed to symbolize the mythic journey we are on. This container encourages oneness with all beings, while nurturing the discovery of the unique soul purpose each individual was sent to Earth to live.

This year’s festival explored our place at “the Crossroads,” the place we currently stand as a planet and species, in between two worlds, on the cusp of change. Lucidity presented us with an invitation — an invitation to gaze upon where we are in all our beauty and bliss, chaos and destruction, and either accept our present fate, or generate the ideas, systems, and momentum to catalyze the shift we need to see in order to thrive on our rapidly declining planet.  [READ THE FULL STORY and SEE Kris’s GALLERY]