One Loving Family


Right now more than a dozen of our designers, your community members who make clothes and sell them at festival, are in Bali together….where they have a shared studio and work closely with families of tailors who make your clothes. The tailors are well paid, loved and cared for, and they’ve all been together for more than a decade….some even two. This is what you support when you buy from your own community….and what better time than for gift giving. Everything is hand made, is high quality, is eco-responsible and made for YOU with LOVE.

My Thanksgiving to You…Surprise Giveaways!

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My Thanksgiving to You for a great year!

5 Days Of Black Friday Sales & Suprise Giveaways!

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Thanksgiving <3

symbiosis2016-daniel-zetterstrom-28xDearest Juicy Outrageous Super Kali Fractalistic Loving Lights In My Life…..Thank You for giving me a world full of fun and frolick and love and laughter. Thank you for giving me the BEST LIFE EVER! I am so awed by you – by the Amazing Creativity you bring to the table, by the Open Hearts you share abundantly, by the Heartfelt Vision you strive to live by & to build for others, and for the Passion you bring to everything you do.
Thank YOU! You are amazing! It is a blessing, a joy and an honor to share this journey with you!

photo by Daniel Zetterstrom

Transforming Expectations: How Festivals Are Teaching Us About Life and Living

photo by Aaron Benjamin Glassman, Symbiosis 2016

photo by Aaron Benjamin Glassman, Symbiosis 2016

By Christian Cortes

Gazing at the colorful streams of people flowing into the festival grounds from the outside world, I can already see it beginning. I feel it in my feet as I push through the heat; it takes form as a bead of sweat rolling down my temples; it reveals itself in the bent wheel of my wagon as I push gear, food and water down the grooved and pitted road toward the campsites. My body is already [Read more…]

Lucid U Thanks YOU!!!!

Whoop! Whoop! We reached 50% of our goal!  THANK YOU SO MUCH! This dream is for you too! Learn more at the link below.

Be a part of a bountiful future! Our festival community is building an education center and eco-village, A place to learn and grow for all of us. Be a part of this beautiful project, see the rest of the video at the link below….and learn all about it.

A New Years Adventure

cosmic-convergence2Ready for an amazing adventure? Spend New Year’s in Guatemala, gather on the shores of Lake Atitlan, under the watchful protection of a living volcano, dance to your favorite beats, study permaculture, make new friends with indigenous locals, and take home memories to last a lifetime. Experience Cosmic Convergence Festival – Cocreating the Ancient Future!

Obama Love

obama1The folks at IMGUR put this up last night, and I saved it to cheer you up today ~ a gallery of good memories….after the turn of events, we could use a little good juju……a loving, sad goodbye and a few glorious months left to cherish….

“With it being Election Day. I wanted to reflect on things I really miss from Mr. & Mrs. Obama. True Love. They are a true inspiration of what it means to love someone. Thanks Obama” – Imgur [Read more…]

Symbiotic Symbiosis

Violet Starkey at Symbiosis Gathering 2016

Violet Starkey at Symbiosis Gathering 2016

Beautiful words from photographer Violet Starkey, I wanted to share with you….from her photo album, “We are Symbiotic // Symbiosis Gathering ’16” (she’s the blond in the photo)

I’ve been thinkin about the way our community is evolving, Symbiosis’s theme of “Family Tree,” and you know… they say we’re all products of our environment…and well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the *Family Tree*. With so many of us immersed in this west coast festival circuit, developing a lifestyle that supports spending a significant portion of time in a surreal world with a social structure alternative to the masses, we’ve come to tear down so many of the walls that keep strangers from becoming friends. With the opportunity to immerse in these potent environments on a regular basis, learning together, living together, celebrating together, and building new ways of life together…we not only inevitably grow in strength and love, supporting each other through adaptation and acquisiton of new skills and facets of being, but become real f a m i l y. There was a moment at Dirtwire sunset where it all hit me ~ the groove had infected us all into ecstatic movement and amidst the whirlwind I took a moment to breathe and look around and take it all in. As my eyes panned across the crowd around me, I saw an innumerable amount of friends I’d made at different times, in different cities all across the country dancing and laughing together… everywhere I looked. My mind tried to piece it all together amongst repetitive thoughts of “what, you guys know each other?!” a seemingly constant exclamation amongst those in this community…and I realized that damn, we are allll merging. No need to introduce, no need to tie strings, we’re all passionately intertwining… inevitably as one. A big web of beings in a truly symbiotic relationship. None of us would be who we are today without each other. What an honor to have found this family (again). A friend wanders over and throws an arm around me. “What’s in your heart?” he asks. I take a deep breath of the truth that’s arising in my consciousness. A tear falls down my face as I stammer in deep gratitude “This tribe runs SO deep.”

Unicorns, Mermaids, Black Cats & Dragons

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Lucid University Calls You!

Something extraordinary is afoot my friend, something you don’t want to miss….some of the most brilliant, creative and progressive thinkers in our community have birthed a new path that will nourish all of us, and our world…..please join in….make it your own, step onto this path with us and let it lead you to a very sweet future, to a very sweet now.   [CHECK IT OUT!]

Lucid University is pleased to share this video, collaboratively created for your inspiration. After you watch, please consider becoming a backer of the project, there are some awesome perks that will get you involved immediately and will help us along toward our goal, that will ultimately benefit ALLLOVEUS!
– Video by Optimystic Media

Symbiosis in Review

I’m just back from Symbiosis and wow, what a gathering! Gigantic and amazing art in every direction, to blow my mind….beautiful people in elaborate attire, the biggest display of superfood vendors I’ve ever seen, workshops and activities alongside a vast lineup of great music…..

THIS VIDEO really speaks to what we are all doing at these festivals – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Symbiosis thanks everyone who came: [Read more…]

Your September Festival News

Symbiosis Gathering, photo by Gary Parker

Symbiosis Gathering, photo by Gary Parker

Happy September!

For those of us in the North Country (Seattle area), the weather has changed and a cool wind has moved in….but the gathering season is hardly over! September is still packed with fests from coast to coast!

Scroll down further to get more info on each of these great events!….

In the “other” North Country, specifically Maine….the Great North Festival is in build week this very [Read more…]

Want An Event in Your Neighborhood?

I received a letter today from a reader who hoped for a fest in his neighborhood. He wondered if I would produce one or if I knew a producer who would. When I wrote back, I thought I’d like to share the same thoughts with you…
Festivals don’t happen when a producer says, “I want to throw an event”, they happen when a community says, “Let’s have a gathering”. If you have a community already, then call a meeting and say, “Let’s get together and talk about an event of our own”. That’s how the best ones begin, and then leadership emerges. Start small and grow stronger.
The other route requires big investment and more often than not ends up with big losses. It leans hard on big money headliners having a draw.
The community formula is a winner a high percentage of the time. None of the producers I know were producers before they and their friends got together and said let’s gather. Then he/she took on a certain set of tasks like site rental and permits, (which makes them producer) and other folks took on stages, workshops, vendors, food, toilets, recycling, kids etc. In a gathering like that you can showcase music from within your community, and use a flatbed truck for a stage. No one needs to invest a lot of money.
The best and the longest lasting events started with a small group of locals getting together. The heart and soul that they created attracted others who wanted to be part of the good vibes. From there it grew. The money and the budget grows with the growth of the community. That’s a winning formula.

If you have a vision, call a meeting, and make it a potluck 🙂



35+ Ways That Transformational Festivals are More Fun!

photo by Edward Clynes, Lucidity Festival 2016

(photo by Edward Clynes, Lucidity Festival 2016)

If you get to a transformational festival this summer, you’re in for a spectacular time. No matter how high you set your expectations, they’re bound to be topped. Ye old “stage in a meadow” is a thing of the past. Even as the east coast, midwest and deep south join the bandwagon with new events in nearly every state, the basic festival template they are stepping into, is expanding beyond anything we’ve seen before. Every new event hits the floor running, hoping to offer all the trending activities.

The new “Collaborative Village” model has fully taken over the arena….and what do I mean by that? When I got my start as a producer a little while back, festivals were run by one leader or a small group of 3-5 heads who designed the programs and a cheerful team then worked to make that vision a reality.

Today fests are co-created by the attending community. We used to hang some colorful flags and call that decoration. Today teams of enthusiasts spend the better part of a year designing and building immersive experiencial environments to thrill and inspire their community. With hundreds of creative participants involved, the new collaborative model makes the impossible, possible, to where even young new fests can achieve a lot right out of the gate. [Read more…]

Get YOUR Saucy Squad Together!

EFG-saucy-squadand join me at Enchanted Forest Gathering just one month from now! I’ll be at the Media Hub, stop by and introduce yourself!

Just one month to enchanted forest gathering -Assemble your ‪#‎squad‬ and look for the Group Discount option to save $30 per ticket in your group order. We’ll see you & your crew July 22-24 just an hour and a half north of San Francisco! Just ONE of you? We’ve got a special for you too. Ping me for a VIP discount code.

Dance the Sacred Fire at Unifier

[Big Thanks to our friends at Greenheart.TV for creating this truly gorgeous video from our 2nd Unifier Festival. It’s our hopes that if you were there this will help you sink back in to the expanded sense of reverence and deep appreciation we all shared together on the Land. If you weren’t with us, consider this an invitation to join us this June 17th-20th, 2016. “Say Yes”.]

Once Upon A Time, not so long ago, fae folk gathered in the deep deep woods to dance around the fire in the late late night – opening their hearts to the forest and the trees, bonding with the earth, connecting with one another and the sacred in all things…..

The gathering grew and then expanded to include stages of amazing music, flow arts, swimming in a sparkling  lake….yoga and workshops and kids activities were added, but the sacred fire burned brightly both day and night, as the dancers continued to hold space for deep deep connection to the earth and her forest, her trees and one another….just a little way down the trail from the festival activities. [Read more…]

Interview with Jason Cohen, founder of Unifier Festival

.jason bio shot from illuminationUnifier Festival is coming up soon, in Western Mass. Its a deeper, more intentional gathering than most and one you won’t want to miss. Founder Jason Cohen has an exciting story to tell, and one you will want to be part of…I spoke with him on May 22, 2016. [Read full coverage & photos of the festival here]

Saphir – Hi Jason, tell me a little about your own history, that led you to establish Unifier.

Jason – Well, I’m a musician foremost and I was always fascinated with improvisational music that gave me the ability to check out of my head and go into a flowing trance state on the piano. That’s where I started to find my unique voice as a musician. Then I began to have a romantic connection to the accordion before I ever played it. Something about being able to play outdoors, I was a little envious of guitar players that could play around fires or out in the woods and eventually I picked up an accordion and started playing trance music. [Read more…]

My Lucid Awakening and a Real Magic Wand


photo by Gaby Esenstein

photo by Gaby Esenstein

I never saw it coming.

Something magical happened at Lucidity Festival this time, something unexpected and earth shaking…

Maybe I should have known better, Lucidity has always shown up with cutting edge thought and way ahead of the pack projects. But their pre-fest workshop series, this April, was something else altogether. It blew me out of the water. [Read more…]

Learning Games

photo from The Polish Ambassador

2016 will be remembered as the year that education took root and exploded in flower. Last year, we saw the advent of 3 day permaculture intensives leading into the festivals, climaxing with a community project in the local area the day before gates opened for the main festival. The concept came on quickly and spread like wildfire..

[Read more…]